What Is Visual Coaching?

If you have found your way to this site you might have a vague, medium, or strong understanding of what “Visual Coaching” is.

In a nutshell, Visual Coaching is a method to facilitate effective thinking and decision-making in individuals, partners, couples and families in coaching, therapy and other process work. The visuals range from large size wall murals, flipcharts, desktop templates, and other visual media (like image decks, collage, client-created doodles, etc).

Brain researchers tell us that a majority of the population are “Visual Learners” (some estimates are as high as 87%) … meaning these people process best when some sort of visual communication is used. Chances are YOU and most of your clients fall into this category. You learn best when you can “SEE” what is meant. And make more informed decisions when you can consider your subject in a visual way.

In Visual Coaching the client’s thoughts, feelings and desires are the subject … and a Visual Coach literally draws this inside information out of their clients onto paper … so the client can make informed, centered decisions, and effectively communicate their insights to others. Visual Coaching techniques can be applied to most coaching and therapy processes and my Certified Visual Coach® program teaches you those methods and also allows you to use “SHIFT-IT” my signature coaching system (17 visual maps) with your own clientele too.

Where Does Visual Coaching Come From?

You can watch the story of the evolution of Visual Coaching via the video below, or scroll under the video for the written version …

Visual Coaching is a specialized niche born from the Visual Facilitation field (using visuals to assists corporations, businesses, government agencies and other groups).

I have been in the Interactive-Visuals field since the mid-90s … when I stumbled upon the organizational work of David Sibbet and The Grove Consultants International while in grad school in San Francisco. I had the unique opportunity of doing an internship with The Grove and was then employed for several years as a Visual Facilitator and Co-Trainer.

While my day job was traveling the world in change management, strategic planning and various facilitation settings … during my off time I studied the then new field of coaching via The Coaches Training Institute and also many different inner work modalities (Alchemical Hypnotherapy, NLP, Soul Retrieval, Sub-Personality and Voice Dialogue, Awareness Meditation, Law of Attraction, etc).

In 2001, I created my own independent practice in San Francisco, California. Later that year, the September 11th tragedy occurred – a pivotal day. A series of events kept me from being in New York the first weeks of that month as I had been scheduled to be. While watching things unfold on the television I made a vow to commit to my coaching work, which I truly loved … as that day taught me and many of us that life can be tragically cut short so we need to make the most of the time that we do have and follow our passions.

While training in coaching and hypnotherapy, I made an important discovery … my fellow students were clamoring to work with me. Why? Because I took helpful visual notes of their insights and ahhas and had a talent in helping them integrate further. In those early moments “Visual Coaching” was born. I proceeded to find beautiful part-time space (with plenty of wall space) and worked with whomever I could get my hands on — perfecting visual ways of working with individuals and partners and an inherent order that worked best (my SHIFT-IT System® of 17 visual maps).

Over the years I returned to my home country of Canada, created SHIFT-IT Coach, Inc., built our curriculum of courses and have attracted 1000s of people from around the globe who are interested in our unique offerings. I am happy to say that I have grown not only into a world-class visual practitioner but more importantly … a generous international coach, mentor and teacher.

In moving forward, I am interested in nothing less than societal change … and through the smart, honorable and talented people I have the honour of attracting … we do indeed make the world a better place … one seemingly innocent doodle at a time!

How You Can Learn More and Get Involved:

If what I am sharing is resonating there are several ways you can learn more and get involved.

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Additionally I suggest you browse our articles & audio page for a wealth of free information, as well as our YouTube and Flickr collections (more videos are in the works!). Social media is another route, with SHIFT-IT Coach’s Facebook Page, plus my personal Facebook and Twitter accounts. Be sure to also follow Our Certified Visual Coaches too … check out who is in your region and the fascinating things they are up to

When you are ready for training, see our SHIFT-IT School Courses.

In additional to already having some sort of training that ethically enables you to work with individuals, there are two pre-requisites to Visual Coach Certification®.

1. Fundamentals of Interactive-Visuals

2. SHIFT-IT (through SHIFT-IT Online or by working privately with a Certified Visual Coach).
We also have advanced programs for graduates that provide business development and mindset support and offer ongoing community and connection.

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Christina Merkley, Pioneering Visual Coach

In closing, thank you for your interest in Visual Coaching. We look forward to you joining our special community of process professionals and wish you all the best on your creative journey!

Yours in Visual Expansion,
Christina Merkley
President, SHIFT-IT Coach, Inc.

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